DV Mixer is a Live Online Video mixing solution for  Videographers from Trinity Technologies, Mumbai . With Trinity DV mixer, you can now shoot events with 4 Live cameras without investing in the expensive, bulky hardware based Video Mixer.
Trinity DV Mixer runs on Windows XP/Vista/Win 7 PCs. The software lets you preview and select video inputs from 4 cameras - DV or S-Video or Composite and save the final video on your Hard Drive with or without compression!
(C) 2011 - 2016 Trinity Technologies, Mumbai
  • High Quality Seamless switching
  • 4 Live Inputs + 4 Video / Graphic Overlay Layers
  • Preview for all video input channels without external video monitors
  • Display Video Out on Big Screen through graphic card
  • Click and select Video streams
  • Output saves directly to the Hard-disk
  • Supports Divx / DV / Mpeg-2 or any DirectShow Video Codes
  • Cross-Fade, Push, Wipe and Cut Transitions
  • PNG/TGA/BMP/JPG Graphic overlays for title overlay
  • Insert AVI files to live program using direct cut or selected transition
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So if you are looking for a Video Mixer Software for DV Mixing or AV Mixing from 4 Live Input Sources with Graphics Overlay and one that can Record directly to the Hard Disk then you are at the right place!