Why should I use DV Mixer Software?

With the technology, the expectations of people are changing. Today more and more people want their events to be covered on multiple cameras.  Multiple cameras means investment in online mixer which needs you to sit down and capture the whole sequence on the Hard drive for editing after the event. What if you directly get captured Event Files when the event is happening? This will surely decrease your workload.
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But you buy a Hardware Video Mixer too...

A normal good quality video mixer available today costs around Rs.50,000+ lets your mix live video signals that come in. But these normal mixers may not have a Preview feature. Preview feature is mostly available on High-end mixers that costs more than Rs. 2 Lakhs! In Trinity DV Mixer you can see the Preview of all the live cameras so you know what content the camera is exactly sending.  Apart from that you can also overlay Still Graphics in PNG/TGA/BMP format, Videos in "avi" format and mix the Live and Videos with basic wipes and fades.
What are the System requirents?

Intel Core i3 Processor
Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7
Microsoft DirectX 9 or later version
SATA Hard Disks as per your requirement
Display dimensions of 1024x768 or greater
Capture Cards :
Entry Level : USB / PCI Directshow based Capture Cards
Pro Level : Blackmagic Intensity Pro / Decklink Studio
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  • High Quality Seamless switching
  • 4 Live Inputs + 4 Video / Graphic Overlay Layers
  • Preview for all video input channels without external video monitors
  • Display Video Out on Big Screen through graphic card
  • Click and select Video streams
  • Output saves directly to the Hard-disk
  • Supports Divx / DV / Mpeg-2 or any DirectShow Video Codes
  • Cross-Fade, Push, Wipe and Cut Transitions
  • PNG/TGA/BMP/JPG Graphic overlays for title overlay
  • Insert AVI files to live program using direct cut or selected transition